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The Practice of Chöd with Lama Tsultrim Sangpo

  • Dharma House NYC 60-06 39th Ave Woodside, NY 11377 United States (map)


7-9 pm Friday night
10am-4pm Saturday Chöd Puja
10am-5pm Sunday Chöd practice

Chöd, or “cutting through,” is a well-known practice in Tibetan Buddhism. Traditionally attributed to the eleventh-century female practitioner Machig Labdrön, it is popular in many Tibetan Buddhist lineages. Combining the traditional wisdom of the Prajnaparamita Sutras with tantric visualization methods, chöd is a direct meditational approach to cutting through ego-clinging. Chöd practice is also known for its hauntingly beautiful melodies, and has traditionally been used as part of Buddhist healing rituals.

In this weekend program Lama Tsultrim will teach from a short Chokling Tersar chöd manual designed for daily practice.

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche has recommended that students practice chöd and has encouraged our sangha to learn this practice. We are therefore very fortunate to have visiting teacher Lama Tsultrim Sangpo guide us in this long-weekend of teachings on the practice of chöd.

If you have your own ritual implements—a vajra and bell and a chöd drum (slightly larger than a regular damaru)—please bring them with you. However, please note that it is not necessary to have these ritual implements to be able to participate in the program.

Lama Tsultrim Sangpo is a senior monk at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling. He was born in Nubri close to the border to Tibet and come to the monastery when he was 12 years old, at which point he started his education there. At the age of 29 he started his traditional 3 years retreat at the Asura cave retreat center in Pharping, Nepal. Since completion of his retreat he stays at Ka-Nying Shedrub monastery, teaching and serving as the main singer for rituals.

Lama Tsultrim Sangpo is also the resident teacher during Gomde California’s summer teaching season.

The weekend program donation is $108. If you'd like to help sponsor another student who can't afford the full donation, please sign up as a sponsor at $216 or $162. If you feel you need financial assistance, volunteer staff positions are available; please contact the organizers by emailing