Make a tax-deductible donation to Dharma house New York city

Donate here to support Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche's vision for a Dharma House in New York City, where Himalayan and Western students of all ages can practice together for generations to come.

One-time and monthly donations are both welcome. Monthly donations are especially important; they're the best way to support a sustainable budget and build for the future. 

We offer two ways to donate now:

Giving Tools

For U.S. donors, GivingTools sends more of your gift to non-profits, taking lower commissions (1.99% + 19 cents per transaction) as well as offering an option for direct transfer from your bank account. It is secure and reliable; transactions are processed through BluePay, a payment processing company that handles $14 billion for over 47,000 companies. GivingTools accepts international credit cards at 2.99% plus 19 cents.


Click on the Donate button below and choose credit card or PayPal account.

PayPal is well-known and easy to use, but charges 2.2% commission plus 30 cents per transaction.  We currently can accept only one-time donations. If you would prefer to give monthly using PayPal, let us know.

PayPal accepts international credit cards.

You can also pledge a future donation

Your pledge of future donations will help our current fundraising efforts. If you'd like to pledge a one-time or monthly amount while waiting for the purchase of the property to go through, please download this form and email or mail it back to us following the instructions contained in the form, or email for more information.